How to Make a Cassette Tape Loop



Making of a 5 seconds long cassette tape loop.

In this video, I show you a simple tape looping and the method I personally use to making my loops.

It will work with any tape (with screws) you want.

Just be patient, sometimes is can be really frustrating, be curious and experiment having fun.


  1. Rewind the tape to the beginning
  2. Undo the four or five screws securing the two halves of the cassette
  3. Remove the two spindles and detach the tape from them – cut with a blade after pressing out of the spool of tape
  4. Select a short length of tape – don’t use leader tape unless you want blank, unrecordable parts
  5. Form a loop with this tape passing through the cassette tape path
  6. Make sure the tape is not inside out – only one side of the tape is magnetic and if you put in the inside out you won’t get any recording or playback
  7. Get some nail polish and brush onto the end of the tape – about 5mm.
  8. Loop the other end and press together on a flat surface – you should be able to move the tape slightly to get it lined up if you do it in the first few seconds
  9. Check the tape path is set up correctly – it does not need to be under tension as it is the capstan and roller that pulls the tape through – the spindles do nothing at all
  10. Insert into your walkman/recorder and test it out – you should get about 5-6 seconds of recording time



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