Ultrafuture Album is Almost Here!

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Dead Tribe - Ultrafuture Album Cover
A Brand New Album!

Dead Tribe‘s new album Ultrafuture is about to drop on the 15th of April. Pre-order started today on Bandcamp where you can listen to the the 1st track released, Perspectives, from the new record of the Italian producer.

Ultrafuture is an incredible Synthwave release. It’s a journey through a dystopian future where electronic sounds are mixed with Arabian and Tribal feels that makes your mind blow and travel through space and time. Chants and vocal samples are arranged in an uncommon way and are blended with 70’s / 80’s synthesizers to gain an impressive power and deepness to the sound textures of this 10 tracks release. There is also a small techno feels in some of these tracks that is uncommon in this music genre that is mainly “retro” based.


Perspectives is the first track from the album (you can listen to it in the player scrolling down the page). It has a clear 80’s sound that match with the imaginary that we have today of this decade that was highly influenced by the Stranger Things series in the last years.

The full album sounds like its made in the next 80’s, yes it’ like 2080’s music and it make this album a must have and yes, those track would be perfect for a new Blade Runner Remake!


Ultrafuture its a huge step forward to another kind of dimension for Dead Tribe. While his previous album Blood, Violence and Other Cute ThingsĀ brought us inside ourselves, today he’s bringing us into the future! And its amazing!

The Album will be available Digital Download from the 15th of April. A Limited Edition 50 pcs. High Bias Audio Cassette format will be available from the 30th

The album will be released on Vinyl (Limited Edition) from May 2018.




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