Transmission EP

Dead Tribe - Transmission EP Cover
Dead Tribe
Dead Tribe Rec.
Producer: Dead Tribe
Number of discs: 1

When a friend of mine gifted me with an old walkman I was so excited. I love them, the feeling of playing a tape in it is incredible (and maybe even a little bit romantic). That player have also an internal AM/FM Radio and I tried to use it without success. I was walking on the pathway near the A406 in London (that road is so noisy) and I decided to have the noise of the empty stations as a background instead of the one of the cars. Walking with just a white noise in your headphones at a reasonable loudness is really strange and it gives you the feeling of being disconnected to everything around you. The beautiful thing about an empty radio stations is that while you walk the radio is capturing interferences and the noise will change as long as you go right or left.

“An empty station is in its peculiar way alive and changes according to you, it creates an interaction with your position and your movement, it creates a kind of connections with who’s listening to it.”

Dead Tribe

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