Who is dead tribe?

dead tribe on public pressure magazine

I was born in 1985 in the North of Italy. I started learning guitar when I was 14 years old and then few years later I started playing in a punk-rock band named Wake Up. We made our first record 2 years later and we had some live concerts here and there in Italy. The “first contact” with a DAW was in 1999 when a friend of mine showed me the Playstation 1 Videogame Music 2000 where it was possible to create a song. Few hours later, while I was finishing my first attempt I understood that I was falling in love with music production and days later I bought my first real DAW.

After years producing and sampling in my bedroom, I’ve decided to found the hip hop collective FSB with my brother and two friends of mine. In 2007 we recorded our first demo and one year later we independently released the first album “Rèvolte” with several videos on Youtube . In 2011 we decided to end this project so we made a small compilation with all the unreleased tracks we made during this adventure.

In 2013 I moved to London and I thought that it was the perfect time to create something totally different from what I did in the past and i started the project called Dead Tribe.

I started sampling old tribe’s chants and I made them the main characteristic of the sound and I worked hard to find my own personal style in production. I went back to Italy in 2015 and in 2016 I Self-released the first EP “Money Talk / Mentalism”, that was my “first step on the moon”.
The first album Blood, Violence and other cute things was released in 2017. I decided to describe emotions through sounds, sampling everything that was surrounding me. I sampled old vinyl while I was feeling nostalgic and spoons hitting surfaces while I was happy. I recorded a storm while I was sitting in my living room alone and bored and I sampled my friends chatting in a bar. During this period I built a DIY Synthesizer messing up with an old Casio SK-1 keyboard. I decided to include its sounds in one of the main tracks of the album. If you’re interested I wrote an article about it and you can see all the pictures at this Link
In 2015 with Revenant and Kickass I’ve founded the collective Shelter5 Records and the monthly event Basement, that became in two years one of the main Electronic and Techno Live events in Romagna. During these years we released over 30 highly selected tracks with this record label.
In 2017 Revenant and Kickass (due to lack of time) decided to abandon the project and Tom Noise joined Shelter5 Records.Shelter5 is now a fully working label based between London and Las Palmas (Canary Islands). We are still promoting the research and the evolution of music through highly selected monthly releases.

In April 2018 the new album Ultrafuture was independently released with the support of the english magazine Public Pressure and the Label Tapeheadz in collaboration with Dead Tribe own Record Label named DTR.

This album is an incredible 10 tracks release. It’s a journey through a dystopian future where electronic sounds are mixed with Arabian and Tribal feels that makes your mind travel through space and time. Chants and vocal samples are arranged in an uncommon way and are blended with 70’s / 80’s synthesizers to gain an impressive power and deepness to the sound textures of this release.

Perspectives is the first track from the album (you can listen to the track HERE). It has a clear 80’s sound that match with the imaginary that we have today of this decade that was highly influenced by the Stranger Things series in the last years.

The full album sounds like its made in the next 80’s.

While his previous album Blood, Violence and Other Cute Things brought us inside ourselves, today Dead Tribe is bringing us into the future.